Occupational Health and Safety

Our team is there to help you understand the issues about managing your OHS file and figure out the best ways to reduce costs.

Depending on how big your organization is, the risks in your sector, your obligations and objectives in terms of OHS management, we’ll help you find and implement a customized solution. ACT works with you to identify your needs, directly or in partnership with suppliers, and give you the best support that’s in line with your OHS management objectives.

What we’ll do for you:

Analyze experience and evaluate needs and potential solutions

Do you get a lot of claims? Are the length of absences longer than they should be? Are people resisting your temporary assignment policy? Managers are having a hard time balancing what they’re supposed to do versus what the OHS requires? Applying prevention and safety rules isn’t adequately integrated into your operations? Not everyone understands the importance of OHS? We can help you fully assess the situation and prioritize actions accordingly. We help you figure out what you need for OHS training and support. We help you choose the best solutions and the best way to implement them.

Pan-Canadian claims management

Periodic claims management review

Want to make sure you’re managing claims files properly? ACT can conduct a periodic file review with your team. You can offer them real, ongoing training, as well as knowledge sharing and consistency management.

Comprehensive support to manage medical administrative claims

Resources are overwhelmed, you’re going through several organizational changes and you want to focus on the field. You’ll get peace of mind because our team will ensure complete claims management for you.

Specific measures

You’ve got a problematic case and want to contest a claim, but you get the feeling that the CNESST doesn’t support you 100%. We can analyze the situation, make recommendations and intervene on your behalf.

Retrospective plan

Analyze risk analysis, evaluate financial issues, compare experience

We’ll provide you a clear picture of the situation to help you invest where it really counts.

Cash budgets, choice of limits, management indicators

We make sure that you’re never caught off guard and that you have a clear understanding of the impact your OHS management  activities has over time.

Actuarial support for management teams

We help you assess the stakes that various claims management strategies have, always keeping in mind the overall vision of your file and long-term objectives.

Safety groups

At ACT, we don’t manage a safety group. We help you assess whether you benefit from participating in a safety group. If that’s the case, we help you evaluate your safety group and the offers presented to you. We help you evaluate the whole situation (performance, services included and excluded, experience, fees, contractual conditions, requirements…) because choosing a safety group also means choosing a business partner.

Safety groups provide occupational health and safety (OHS) prevention and management services. They don’t all have the same approach. ACT helps you choose the level of services adapted to your reality.

A safety group is also an insurance product. It protects and supports you in the event of problematic situations. We assess the value of this protection for you.

In addition to services, safety groups can also generate savings and a very interesting return on investment. Do business with us to identify the most profitable ones.

To learn more, see first broker in safety groups.