Group Insurance

We’re not satisfied with just offering whatever providers are making available, but rather ensure it’s tailored to make your insurance plan effective and perform well. This way, you get the best group insurance program, at the best price, without having to expose yourself to undue risks.

In concrete terms, our approach brings you distinctive advantages:

Premiums that are fair and competitive

Our actuarial expertise and our thorough knowledge of pricing methods used by insurance companies ensure that you get premiums that are fair and competitive, negotiated on a peer-to-peer basis with the actuaries of your providers when necessary.

Better planning through actuarial projections

We regularly perform actuarial projections based on your program’s experience and market trends to estimate future renewal conditions we expect from your insurer based on their renewal methodology. This approach allows you to plan ahead and determine with us the best strategy to be used: implementing program changes, negotiating with the insurer or considering going to market to select the insurance company that would offer the most advantageous conditions over the long term.

A design that is tax optimized

We take special care to optimize your program so taxes are managed effectively. Something too often overlooked, ignored or simply misunderstood that leads to employee and employers paying more than they need to. We have developed an administration tool especially for payroll to facilitate the tax treatment of insurance premiums as well as the calculation of taxable benefits.

Peace of mind you can count on

The credibility we have built with insurance companies means we can generally negotiate favourable conditions, in turn allowing you to avoid the administrative hassles, financial impacts and other worries generated by a change of insurer.

Obviously, we offer all the services you may need, from simple work to the most specialized, including: