Our brand

We are our brand

Watchful. Dynamic. Go-getter. Action-oriented. But also warm and relaxed. These are a few of the attributes most often mentioned by our clients to describe ACT. So, we wanted our corporate image to be both original and to embody our approach and personality.

Our corporate colors are deliberately bright and lively, bringing strong energy to our communications. Our images of wild creatures in their natural habitats were selected for their beauty and for the emotions they evoke. In turn, these emotions blend well with the metaphors we use to express ourselves.

Our essence in three words

KNOWLEDGE IN ACTION. Three words to summarize our approach to consulting. Highlighting our determination to simplify and clarify. But more than a nice concept, the essence of our brand guides our every action, every day.

Far from just a slogan–more like a mantra. Our tag line embodies our will to transform ideas into action, knowledge into concrete solutions. It’s what we do best.