COVID-19: What can ACT do for you?

Are your benefit solutions optimal?

ACT innovates and becomes the leading safety groups broker

Standing by our clients. Ready for action.

ACT is an established, privately-held professional boutique actuarial consulting firm. We know and understand our clients’ context and real needs—as well as those of their employees. That is why we focus our energy on the aspects that tangibly improve the effectiveness of benefit programs.

Competent. Thorough. Friendly. Practical. Doing things intelligently, daring to have points of view and offer advice that do not follow the norm, ignoring flavor-of-the-month approaches: we always offer solutions that fit, are effective, and without unnecessary complexity.

Quality and attention you can afford.

Our size and nimble corporate structure allow us to offer clients direct access to our cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary team at costs well below those of the largest actuarial consulting firms.

ACT is also a partner of choice and one-stop shop for businesses and organizations looking for a global vision and concerted management of occupational health and safety, and group insurance and retirement savings plans.

Accessible professionals who create more value at lower costs.

This is what ACT stands for.

More skilled than traditional brokerage firms. Friendlier than the big actuarial firms.

This is what ACT stands for.