Are your group plans truly effective?

An important question indeed! In order to help you make better decisions, here are a few items to validate so as to ensure you are getting the best out of your group plans!

Group Insurance

  • Are premiums right and competitive?
  • Have the protections you offer been reviewed so that they continue meeting your needs, budgets and objectives?
  • Are you getting advance actuarial projections for your future renewal conditions?
  • Has the tax treatment of your plan been analyzed and optimized?
  • Are concrete measures taken to minimize the administrative burden on your organization?
  • Are you adequately supported and represented when delicate claims or situations occur?


  • Is the retirement savings program simple to understand for your employees?
  • Is your program well aligned with your objectives?
  • Are the investment options sufficiently sophisticated but still easy to use?
  • Are communications well adapted to your context and to employees' needs?
  • Is it possible to get an overall review of the program's performance as a whole?
  • Are investement fees competitive?

These questions are grabbing your attention? Make use of our quality assessment services to know how your plans are performing. Contact us today!