The success of your retirement savings program is based on its design, the quality of the products and services offered by your provider and by the level of engagement of your employees. Our down-to-earth approach focuses on the elements of the program that will have the greatest impact.

We firmly believe that an effective program is one that both reduces risks for its sponsor and offers the best value for its employees. So we take action where it counts:

  • We ensure your program is well aligned to your objectives.
  • We implement investment options that are sophisticated, yet simple to understand and use.
  • We organize employee education to facilitate decision making related to retirement, and to make sure they value their program.
  • We see to it that investment fees always remain competitive.

At first glance, all retirement savings program providers appear to offer the same products and services. Still, large variations exist, regarding both their breadth and quality.

At ACT, we don’t reinvent the wheel. We make full use of the resources available from your service provider —which plan members already are paying for—and build on them with our expertise and experience. This approach reduces the cost of our services while offering you the very best quality.

Obviously, we offer all the services you may need, from simple work to the most specialized, including:

  • Plan design, review and modifications
  • Provider (insurer) selection and monitoring
  • Pricing validation and negotiation
  • Investment option structure selection and monitoring
  • Ongoing oversight of plan performance and effectiveness
  • Employee communication and education
  • Governance structure (including coordination and participation in your pension committee meetings) and compliance with supervisory requirements

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