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Employees are an important asset for every organization. And the benefit programs they enjoy play a key role in attracting and retaining them. But at ACT, we always keep in mind that employees are also colleagues you see every day, people with their families, their worries, their aspirations as well as the life events that affect them from time to time.

A different philosophy

Motivating and helping employees

We strive to design and implement programs that, first, will meet your objectives, but also take care of your employees in the best way possible. So we don’t shy away from challenging service providers—insurers and others—to surpass themselves and adapt their offering so that you get the best services with the best conditions.

Group insurance

We’re not satisfied with just offering whatever providers are making available, but rather ensure it's tailored to make your insurance plan effective and perform well.
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The success of your retirement savings program is based on its design, the quality of the products and services offered by your provider and by the level of engagement of your employees. Our down-to-earth approach aims at focusing first and foremost on the program’s elements that will have the greatest impact. Read more