Our approach

Our success is based on the close relationship we cultivate with our clients – allowing us to know them extraordinarily well. With ACT | actuaries, your consultant is truly a business partner!

Our mission: to optimize your group insurance and retirement savings plans

At ACT, our day-to-day actions are rooted in reality. We avoid wild ideas and pie-in-the-sky concepts. Our goal is to structure benefit programs that are well-adapted to your real needs—as well as those of your employees.

We maximize the value of your programs

We make sure you understand what’s at stake and feel confident in your decisions. Whether it's plan implementation, plan design changes or renewals, we constantly maximize the value you get for the costs involved, in line with your budget.

We help employees understand and appreciate what you offer them

We ensure your employees have a good understanding of your plans and how they work. A simple and effective communication approach helps employees appreciate the value of the plans you offer. Plus, their success is largely dependent on well-informed decisions. Benefits that are valued and help employees succeed...the important reasons you offer group plans.

We take your interests to heart

We simplify plan administration for you. We make sure your plans perform well. We work alongside you and your employees when disagreements or disputes arise with your insurer or other provider. We are persistent. We find solutions to your problems without counting every minute of our time.

Our values

Attention to detail. Engagement. Achievement . Integrity.

Our work is guided by attention to detail—after all, we are actuaries! But we’re also dynamic, approachable, as well as great at communicating our knowledge.

At ACT, we do more than just put our competence to work for you: we evolve constantly to continually improve. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Integrity and trust are the foundation of all our business relationships. Our commitment to transparency means you always know where things stand...nothing is hidden.